What do I wear to the classes?
Most people come in smart casual wear eg- jeans ect. However, its best that you wear shoes that you can spin and turn on and that are comfortable. It's best not to wear joggers or sneakers as it tends to grip the surface and restricts your movement.

Do I need to book or can I just turn up?
This is entirely up to you. We don't lock you into a term where you have to come each week. Our classes are structured in a way that you can come at any time, however, consistency is the key to learning quickly.

Do I need a Partner?
No partner is required at any of our venues. We work on a rotation basis which has a two fold effect. Firstly, you get to meet other people in the class and secondly, you will find more experienced dancers in the group which will accelerate your learning curve.

Where can I practice what I learn?
You can practice those moves you have learnt after every class from 9.00pm. We also provide social party nights during the year & they are mostly theme parties which are a lot of fun. Anyone is welcome and you can bring as many friends as you like. We provide a free complimentary dance lesson from 8.30pm. Our biggest event of the year is the Latin Fusion Ball - which is a semi-formal night that includes- 3 course meal, live band, DJ, Entertainment, student awards. This event is now in it's 17th year & sells out every year with over 180 people attending.

What is the age group?
The beauty about this style of dance is that anyone can do this. The age group varies from 17-60 in our classes.

Can I take Private lessons?
You certainly can. Private lessons are by appointment only and you can call 0417 294 179 to book. Private lessons speed your learning curve and give you that specialised attention. Private lessons are great for any occasion, wedding, parties etc